About me

My name is Dee. I’m the jewellery designer behind People Too.

Jewellery designer Dee at Standing For Women event

I have a degree in jewellery design and the common sense to know what a woman is. I set up People Too in 2021, starting with the Woman Necklace which was a way of reclaiming the word ‘woman’ and keeping it close to my heart. Wearing People Too jewellery also acts as a subtle – or not so subtle (your choice) – signal to other Gender Critical women that they should maybe get to know you!

I have another contemporary craft jewellery business that I’ve been running for longer than People Too, with which I’ve exhibited in the Hepworth Gallery shop, have been shown on the Crafts Council directory and more. This means I’m experienced in the jewellery business and you will get quality products and good customer service from me.

For People Too, I started out with a shop on Etsy but left at the end of 2022, due to a number of issues including the way Etsy treats Gender Critical sellers. They have banned products with, for example, text stating the fact that a woman is an ‘adult human female’, but have allowed products (from other sellers) that threaten violence against ‘terfs’. Etsy has also had a problem with child abuse related merch (see Collective Shout for their Etsy campaign) and a number of other shops sell products glorifying acts of sexual violence like choking.

Oh, and I adore my cat. Well, I would wouldn’t I ?

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Here are the brilliant reviews you all left me on Etsy when I had a shop there.

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