About People Too Jewellery

People Too Jewellery is a one-woman business run in the UK by a Gender Critical Feminist. We make gold vermeil and sterling silver jewellery with designs celebrating Radical Feminism, same-sex attraction, the Suffragette movement, and more.

Jewellery gifts that celebrate being a woman and the fight for women’s rights.

Our name and our origins

In 1960 Betty Friedan wrote an article called Women Are People, Too! from which the name for this shop comes. In 1986 Marie Shear coined the related phrase “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people”, which we use on our gift message cards.

We started out in 2020, originally on Etsy and set up this website in 2022. We are one of Collective Shout’s Corporate Pledge Partners.

We sell this female symbol necklace and donate some of the funds to the FiLiA charity. We also sell these earrings and donate some of the funds to the FiLiA Hague Mothers campaign.

My name is Dee. I design all the pieces for People Too, some are then handmade by me in my workshop and some are made by a UK supplier. I use recycled silver wherever possible.

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